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Corporate Responsibility
COAMC Group Members

COAMC attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. As it grows bigger, COAMC shoulders its responsibility as a state-owned enterprise by working hand in hand with its partners to promote social harmony and sustainable development. In 2013, with the spirit of “striving for the wellbeing of the whole society and prosperity of the whole nation”, COAMC supported the development of real economy by maintaining and enhancing the value of state-owned assets. We want our employees to prosper with the company. And we participated in many activities for public good which boosted the company’s reputation.  

COAMC acts as an important stabilizer for the financial sector with its non-performing asset business. In 2013, banks in the Yangtze River Delta were struggling with constantly rising non-performing loans. COAMC voluntarily took the job to deal with these bad loans and minimize the financial risks. Thanks to its expertise and professional experience in dealing with non-performing loans through all these years, COAMC adjusted its business strategy and increased the non-performing loan business to stabilize the financial market, offset the risks, and minimize the volatility of the market. In 2013, COAMC invested 3.3 billion yuan in purchasing non-performing assets in the Yangtze River Delta.  

COAMC supports real economy through value enhancement and appreciation of state-owned assets. Since the establishment of COAMC, value enhancement and appreciation of state assets has been serving as its core mission. In recent years, COAMC has improved management system, expanded its business scope to support real economy and help to enhance and increase the value of state assets. Pre-Provision Operating Profit of COAMC reached 11 billion yuan, exceeding the threshold of ten billion for the first time. Its total asset registered as 229.6 billion yuan with a net asset belonged to the parent company worth of 33.4 billion yuan, 3.34 times of the scale when it was established. Thus COAMC has achieved its leapfrog development, and fulfilled its responsibility as a financial company affiliated to the central government to enhance and increase the value of state-owned assets.  

COAMC facilitates the development of agriculture, rural areas and the improvement of farmers’ living conditions through its insurance business. China United Insurance, as a subsidiary of COAMC, serves as an insurer for the society with a total compensation of 90 billion RMB accumulated since its establishment. Its agriculture insurance ranks the second in China, which makes it a major player for policy agriculture insurance. By the end of 2013, China United Insurance has offered 562 insurance products in 83 categories that cover a wide range of agricultural segments including crop farming, forestry, animal husbandry, non-farming activities and fishery industry. Its business has reached over 20 provinces and municipalities, 169 cities, 1059 counties, 6350 townships, and 73579 villages. It provided insurance products worth of 209.7 billion RMB for 32.99 million rural households, 474 million mu (31.6 million hectares)of crops and forest, and 104 million livestock.  

COAMC cares for the well-being and health of employees. Making employees prosper together with the company. COAMC pays lots of attention to the development and health of the employees. It tries to bring real benefits to its employees and help them tackle their difficulties. The union pays regular visits to retired employees and employees who are seriously ill or have financial difficulties. It organizes fitness clubs, hiking and other exercises. It also helps employees who get ill to see doctors or to be admitted into hospitals. The union gathers and shares best practices for mutual help among employees in some branch offices.  

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