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COAMC Group Members
Accurately-Designed Measures are Key to Targeted Poverty Alleviation (Part I): Practice and Reflections on China Orient's Poverty Alleviation in Shaoyang County

Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman of the Board

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized, 'We should implement policies in different categories by regarding targeted poverty alleviation as the mainline, take on the tasks at hand, seek practice effects, thus making sure that poor people are lifted out of poverty as scheduled.' In response to the call from the CPC Central Committee on winning a decisive victory in poverty alleviation, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'China Orient') has shouldered the heavy, incumbent duty of lifting the people of Shaoyang County in Hunan Province out of poverty. By fully exploiting its resources, the Group has taken targeted measures and made overall efforts. A total of over 50 million yuan has been invested as support funds. By continuously enhancing the development of industry, finance, Party building, education, people's livelihood and infrastructure building, the Group has adopted a combination of poverty alleviation actions to help the county absolutely shake off poverty and become rich, and local villagers embark on a road leading to a happy life.

Strengthening responsibility, laying a solid foundation for targeted poverty alleviation

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, 'Eradicating poverty, improving people's livelihood and realizing common prosperity is essential requirements of socialism and important missions of the CPC.' Actions must be guided by ideas. Only a full understanding can ensure conscious actions. The Party Committee of China Orient always regards targeted poverty alleviation as a major political task, improves ideas and thought, strengthens responsibility. It has established a complete responsibility system of full coverage, considered the pairing-off assistance to Shaoyang County in poverty alleviation as its own duty and due responsibility, and carried out poverty alleviation work in an earnest and meticulous manner. 

(I) Strengthening organization and leadership, improving responsibility system. The Party Committee of China Orient attaches great importance to poverty alleviation. Meetings of the Party Committee are held on a regularly basis. At the meetings, the guiding principles of the important remarks made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the requirements for pairing-off assistance in poverty alleviation by financial institutions under the Central Government are studied and implemented. Paring-off assistance tasks have been advanced in a solid way. The Pairing-off Poverty Alleviation Leading Group has been established to strengthen leadership, guidance and supervision on assistance tasks. In the Leading Group, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of China Orient acts as head; members of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents of China Orient as deputy heads; major responsible persons of related departments of the Headquarters, Hunan Branch and controlling subsidiaries as members. The Leading Group has an office as its working body, which handles official business in the same place with the Organization Department of the Party Committee. The organization gives support in terms of cadre selection, resources allocation, assessment and evaluation, and other aspects and is provided with full-time workers. Also, the Poverty Alleviation Project Approval Group was set up to control, approve and supervise the utilization of poverty alleviation funds. Cadres have been continuously selected to form a four-person poverty alleviation working group, in which one acts as Executive Member of the County Committee and Deputy Head of the County, one as the First Secretary of the village and the other two as village workers. Responsibilities are identified layer by layer, thus providing a solid guarantee of organization for assisting Shaoyang in getting rid of poverty.

(II) Continuing to make in-depth investigations, identifying responsibilities layer by layer. In the early of each year, the Party Committee of China Orient holds a meeting of the Leading Group of Pairing-off Assistance in Poverty Alleviation. At each meeting, the pairing-off assistance tasks of the Group are fully deployed so that each poverty alleviation task is implemented in place. In the middle of each year, the Promotion Meeting of Pairing-off Assistance in Poverty Alleviation Work is held. And in the late of each year, the meeting of the Leading Group of Pairing-off Assistance in Poverty Alleviation is organized again. At such meeting, the briefing on the progress of poverty alleviation is listened to; the results and deficiency is summarized; and the targeted poverty alleviation tasks of following steps are studied and deployed. China Orient has gradually improved the poverty alleviation investigation mechanism, identified priorities and breakthrough points of work, and promoted poverty alleviation. Each year, leaders of China Orient lead members of the management in making field investigations on Shaoyang, visiting poor villages and poor households, learning about the progress of poverty alleviation and conditions of support industry projects, and coordinating and solving difficulties on site. The Poverty Alleviation Team, as vanguards, stays and struggles in the local for long, goes deep among the public and farmlands, learns about the situation, living conditions, causes for poverty and wiliness to get rid of poverty of poor households, and collects first-hand real data so as to lay a solid foundation for formulating poverty alleviation plans and promoting the advancement of poverty alleviation projects.

 (III) Formulating support plans, focusing on steady actions. On the basis of full understanding and in-depth analysis of pairing-off assistance in poverty alleviation, the Party Committee and poverty alleviation cadres of China Orient has gradually identified the roadmap for pairing-off assistance through careful planning. They have worked out the Specifications for the Leading Group of Pairing-off Assistance in Poverty Alleviation of China Orient, the Five-year Plan for China Orient's Support to Shaoyang County in Hunan Province, and the Measures on the Management of the Funds of Pairing-off Assistance in Poverty Alleviation of China Orient, providing guidance and orientation for poverty alleviation. Each year, the plan and key points for pairing-off assistance are studied and formulated; and annual key tasks, important moves, implementing steps and guarantee measures for poverty alleviation are arranged and deployed to promote poverty alleviation moves to be implemented and play their due effects as soon as possible. Also, an audit group is organized to audit the utilization and management of poverty alleviation funds each year. Poverty alleviation funds management is strengthened. A poverty alleviation funds management mechanism that highlights system constraints, supplemented by regular supervision and special inspections, are established so as to ensure every fund is utilized in place and full support is provided to Shaoyang County in winning a decisive victory against poverty.

Suiting measures to local conditions, accurately prioritizing key tasks of poverty alleviation

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, 'With respect to poverty alleviation, we should start from the reality, suit measures to local conditions, make our ideas clear, improve plans and identify points of breakthrough.' Only by finding the right direction can we control our course heading and overcome difficulties. To develop industries according to local conditions is a fundamental strategy for making poverty alleviation stable. The Party Committee of China Orient always regards the planting and breeding industry as the fundamental way out for lifting Shaoyang out of poverty. It teaches Shaoyang methods, gradually improves the county's blood making function and continuously facilitates the revitalization of the industry.

(I) Shuangxing grapes have enjoyed a widespread reputation. Shuangxing Village in Shaoyang County, as a pairing partner of China Orient, is merged from three villages, with a total population of more than 4,000. There are 216 registered poor households with nearly 1,000 people. In order to help the village explore and open up a new way out of poverty, China Orient has gone through three processes, i.e. investigation and demonstration, scientific-based decision making, as well as organization and implementation. The village started to plant grapes as early as 2012. Anyhow, there is almost no harvest due to lack of funds, technology and management. After learning about the news, the Poverty Alleviation Team of China Orient invited experts to diagnose the vineyards. It was concluded that the development of the grape industry here is quite promising. The team taught villagers the techniques of pruning, fruit thinning, fertilization, disease prevention and pest control, and helped them establish the Jinyuan Grape Planting Base of Shaoyang County…Magic bullets, offered one after another, have enabled the vineyards to revive. In 2017, the trees began to bear fruits. With full size and moderate sourness and sweetness, these grapes were sold immediately after being launched into the market. On July 14, 2018, the first Grape Pick-up Festival was held in Shuangxing Village. In 2019 and 2020, the vineyards became rich in grapes. Up to 100,000kg grapes were produced on the 260 mu land in the whole village. Sina.com, Hunan Satellite TV and other social media have reported the scene of the festival. Only grapes contributed to annual revenue of 800,000 yuan in the village. So far, the Shuangxing Village Grape Pickup Festival has become a highlight of Shaoyang in poverty alleviation through industry and rural tourism. In practice, China Orient has gradually explored a successful path of 'poverty alleviation industry + infrastructure +N'. While vigorously developing the main business of grape and strengthening infrastructure, China Orient has also helped Shuangxing Village develop eight economic organizations that were engaged in yellow peach planting and local pig breeding. In 2019, local pigs became 'golden pigs', contributing to an income of 1.5 million yuan that year.

(II) Wuhuang shiitake mushrooms have become popular in rural areas. After providing pairing assistance to Shuangxing Village and helped it out of poverty, China Orient continued its fight without rest. In 2019, China Orient continued to assist Wuhuang Village, Hebo Township in Shaoyang County, also as a pairing partner. This village was a provincial-level extremely impoverished village that features secluded location, inconvenient traffic conditions, single industrial structure and backward infrastructure. There were 76 registered poor households with 281 people in the entire village, making the village a tough nut to crack. Additionally, the village had to be lifted out of poverty that year, with tight time frame and heavy tasks. At that moment, China Orient shouldered its responsibility in a resolute way. Through full research and demonstration, China Orient finally decided to highlight the development of mushroom planting industry in Wuhuang Village based on the principles of quick effects, short cycle, low risk, long-lasting benefits and a wide range of benefits. The Group gave full play to the role of 'Workshop of Poverty Alleviation through Industry', adopted the model of 'enterprise + demonstration base + cooperative +poor household cooperation', implemented the business management model featuring scaled industrial development, model driving, and poor household' participating in production and gaining remunerations so that villagers would get employed at home and earn more money. Till now, Wuhuang Village has 26 mushroom planting greenhouses, which covers an area of 20 mu, with 130,000 shiitake mushrooms planted. Wuhuang has become the largest shiitake mushroom plating base of Shaoyang County, with an annual output value of 1.2 million yuan. So, the village has been lifted out of poverty in less than one year.Driven by the model of Wuhuang, four villages of Chengbo Township, including Chengbei, Gongwu, Chenshi and Sujiang have successfully built 23 greenhouses, with 120,000 mushrooms planted and annual output value reaching one million yuan, contributing to scale effect. In the face of overstocked mushrooms due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic that broke out in the early of this year, the Poverty Alleviation Team of China Orient took the initiative to help develop sales channels, register the brand 'Hebo Mushroom King', build cold storage, and introduce drying equipment. Through a series of measures, the difficulty in overstocking has been easily solved. Now, the mushroom industry in Hebo Township has become a shining star in Shaoyang's poverty alleviation through industry.  

(III) The county's industries take on a new look. Poverty alleviation through industry represents one of the biggest highlights in China Orient's decisive battle against poverty. The grape industry in Shuangxing Village and the mushroom industry in Hebo Township are just one of the miniatures there. With the determination of 'Upright stands the bamboo amid green mountains steep', concentration of 'The tooth-like root in broken rock is planted deep'  and tenacity of 'strong and firm though struck and beaten without rest', China Orient focuses on poverty alleviation through industry, takes targeted measures to support poverty-stricken villages and develops collective economy by suiting measures to local conditions, including planting, breeding, agricultural product processing and other industries. At present, these collective economic projects have gradually generated economic benefits. An industrial pattern in which the oil tea industry dominates and characteristic industries such as grapes, shiitake mushrooms, high-quality rice, local pigs, goats, tobacco flue curing, vegetables, local chickens, bronze geese, sweet potatoes and day lily develop simultaneously has been formed in Shaoyang. Almost all villages have poverty alleviation industries and the whole county takes on a new look of prosperous industries and good harvest. 

(To be continued)

Source: www.zgbxb.com

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