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Accurately-Designed Measures are Key to Targeted Poverty Alleviation (Part II): Practice and Reflections on China Orient's Poverty Alleviation in Shaoyang County

Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman

Highlighting the driving role of finance, introducing the fresh water of targeted poverty alleviation

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, 'We must implement poverty alleviation through financial aid in place, accelerate the pace of rural financial reform and innovation, and increase financial support for poverty alleviation.’ Finance represents the lifeblood of modern economy and relates to all our plans. Poverty alleviation is the 'timely help' lent when financial assistance is required. China Orient has given full play to its advantages as a financial group, coordinated resources, and carried out targeted, effective poverty alleviation through financial aid to Shaoyang so as to continuously introduce fresh water.

(I) Advancing the Youth Startup Support Fund Project. The 'Love of China, Beauty of Insurance: China Insurance Helps Shaoyang Youths in Startup', a youth startup project for poverty alleviation jointly established by China Insurance, a subsidiary of China Orient, and the Youth Development Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, has been implemented for three years. The project encourages the youths to start their businesses back home and gives them support, helps training more than 160 young wealth leaders, assists in solving the financial shortage of startups and brings into play the roles of youths as a new force and commando in the fight against poverty. In 2018, 10 projects enabled 59 poor households out of poverty, with an increase of per capita income by 7,580.7 yuan. In 2019, China Orient provided startup assistance funds to ten innovative enterprises including Shaoyang Xinlian E-commerce Company in the form of innovation and entrepreneurship contest. In 2020, China Orient continued to support 10 youth startups and lifted a number of poor households out of poverty.

(II) Establishing the 'Village Collective Industry Development Fund'. Emphasizing innovation is another highlight of China Orient's poverty alleviation through financial aid. In accordance with economic and financial policies, China Orient has set up a number of poverty alleviation fund projects to make finance the source of fresh water. The 'Village Collective Industry Development Fund' has been established in Shaoyang County. A total of 20 poor villages distributed in 15 towns have been selected in the whole county. Key support is provided to the industries with a good promise of growth and good results of poverty alleviation. A support fund of 300,000 yuan is granted to each village for developing their collective industries, increasing their collective income and developing the blood making mechanism, which forms a scale effect and drives poverty alleviation. This model of poverty alleviation through financial aid has become a highlight and contributed to the establishment of a replicable and promotable demonstration model.

(III) Providing insurance to improve villagers' resistance against risks. China Orient has joined hands with its subsidiary China Insurance to donate the casualty insurance and casualty medical insurance worth 15.34 million yuan to a total of 767 registered poor populations in Wuhuang and Shuangxing Villages, as pairing partners, thus effectively easing the problems that impoverished people become poor and return to poverty due to emergency, diseases and other reasons. Additionally, China Insurance has also provided poverty prevention insurance for the local who have not got rid of poverty or are at the risk of returning to poverty, donated casualty insurance for petty loan borrowers to poor people there, offered the 'crayfish weather index insurance' to the aquaculture industry, and helped the government establish an early poverty warning mechanism, thus improving villagers' resistance against unexpected risks. By exploiting its professional strengths, China Property Insurance Shaoyang Branch fully participates in agricultural insurance, 'special discount insurance' for poverty alleviation, microcredit guarantee insurance and other businesses, giving a full support to Shaoyang in poverty alleviation.

(IV) Taking multiple measures to vigorously implement poverty alleviation through consumption. Poverty alleviation through consumption represents an effective means to stabilize the income increasing channels for poor households, to consolidate poverty alleviation results and to win a decisive victory against poverty. By exploiting the strength of the Group, China Orient has vigorously implemented poverty alleviation through consumption and promoted agricultural products of Shaoyang to be sold in government offices, canteens and supermarkets. In 2019, China Orient and its subsidiaries purchased from Shaoyang the agricultural products worth 1.82 million yuan and helped introduce and sell the agricultural products worth 1.61 million yuan. Just following the Spring Festival 2020, news about overstocked agricultural products came from Shaoyang County. To remove their worries, China Orient exhibited the strength of the Group to establish a consumption platform, thoroughly implemented poverty alleviation through consumption, and called on cadres and employees of the Group to purchase these agricultural products, with total value worth 2.638 million yuan. By means of poverty alleviation through consumption, China Orient has greatly expanded sales terminals and channels of agricultural products in Shaoyang, thus facilitating local social and economic development.

China Orient is also trying all efforts to provide financial services for Shaoyang County. For instance, the Group has assisted Shaoyang County in studying and analyzing the current situation of hidden government debts and better facilitated debt conversion; helped the Shaoyang County establish a government financing guarantee company and mitigated the difficulty of micro enterprises and poverty alleviation participants in financing; assisted Shaoyang county in promoting the launching of leading enterprises into the market and improved corporate governance and system building… The implementation of a series of projects and measures regarding poverty alleviation through financial aid has helped the local solve quite many difficult problems, truly improving the effect of assistance.

Making up for the deficiency, consolidating the effect of targeted poverty alleviation

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, 'To win a decisive victory against poverty alleviation, we must strengthen the fundamental work of grassroots organizations. To promote Party building and poverty alleviation is a piece of valuable experience for poverty alleviation.' Weak Party building and weak education background constitute the weak points that prevent rural areas from getting rich. Insufficient basic weakness will surely affect the effect of poverty alleviation. On the basis of the above, China Orient has devoted its efforts to more solid foundation, aiming to train a work team that never changes its style for the local.

(I) Adhering to the principle of poverty alleviation through Party building. The building of rural Party grass-roots organizations associated with the overall work related to agriculture, farmers and rural areas. The results will be maximized for a strong organization and minimized for a weak organization. By grasping main conflicts, the Poverty Alleviation Team of China Orient helps pairing villages strengthen Party building. In recent years, China Orient has successively allocated 800,000 yuan of Party member dues to help Shaoyang County strengthen the building of grass-roots Party organizations. In combination with the theme education titled 'adhering to initial aspirations, keeping the mission in mind', the Group has offered trainings to grass-roots cadres, organized the campaign of 'Winter of Party Building' in the spare time of winter, brought the role of grassroots Party branches in fight into play, strengthened the leading role of Party members and led poor households out of poverty. The Group has fought against poverty, raised aspirations and regulated chaos, thus making villages take on a new look of civilization and producing the effect of 'poverty alleviation through Party building, and Party building through poverty alleviation.'

(II) Strengthening training of grassroots cadres. Dongxing Securities, a subsidiary of China Orient, has invested 3 million yuan in establishing the 'Xingyuan Huimin' Poverty Alleviation Training and Education Fund. For three consecutive years, Dongxing Securities has offered training to grassroots cadres in areas including Shaoyang. The training relates to the interpretation of rural and agricultural policies, industry development, finance, tourism, e-commerce, health and epidemic prevention, as well as other knowledge and skills. The training has broadened the horizon and changed the thinking of local grassroots cadres and improved their ability of getting rid of poverty. In the early of this year, with the assistance of China Orient, the 'Winter and Spring Training for Party Members of China Orient in Hebo Township Shaoyang County and Agricultural Skills Training Workshop for Grassroots Party Members and Cadres' was held. Experts were invited to teach planting and breeding techniques including flue-cured tobacco, oilseed rape, rice, oil tea, free-range chickens. Cadres of local village Party branches and village committees as well as wealth leaders were trained. A large number of local experts and technical backbones were trained through continuing learning. 

(III) Attaching importance to education, ensuring stable poverty alleviation. Poverty alleviation through education is an important means to eradicate poverty and stabilize the result of poverty alleviation. China Orient attaches great importance to poverty alleviation through education offered in Shaoyang. With the aid of China Orient, the Orient Hope Primary School has been established in Hebo Township, with 300 students at school. In 2019, the Shaoyang Education Foundation donated 500,000 yuan to support 720 poor students in completing their studies; and contributed 4 million yuan to participate in the building of the new campus of Shaoyang Special Education School. Each year, China Orient donates school supplies, computers, school uniforms as well as cultural and sports supplies to its pairing schools, aiming to help improve their school-running resources. The student aid plan is implemented to issue grants to registered poor households in designated pairing villages each year. The 'Dream in China Orient' grant has been established in Yuantou Joint School in Hebo Township to support the students that have poor family background and are excellent in both morality and study. A series of measures regarding poverty alleviation through education have been adopted to help block intergenerational transmission of poverty from sources.

(IV) Strengthening the building of infrastructure for people's livelihood. China Orient has always regarded poverty alleviation, benefiting the public, and improving living standards of poor villages as the starting points of poverty alleviation, attached importance to the masses in difficulty, and gradually increased investments in infrastructure construction. The 'Spring Breeze Action' has been taken to send warmth to people in need. Road hardening and lighting projects have been advanced, with a total investment of 1.6 million yuan. China Orient has helped hardened the roads having a total mileage of 4.8km for Shuangxing and Wuhuang villages, and installed more than 400 solar street lights, thus improving local traffic conditions. The Group has invested 800,000 yuan in digging livelihood wells for the villages, solving the problem of access to domestic water by nearly one thousand villagers. It has also facilitated the building of a service platform, helped build Party building offices, village affairs offices, health and family planning rooms, archive rooms, Party and mass activity rooms, convenience service halls and villagers' activity plazas, thus greatly improving convenience services. 

In summary, over these years, the Party Committee of China Orient has always focused on solving the problem of 'two no worries and three guarantees' with a high sense of mission and a sense of urgency. It has put its utmost effort, taken targeted measures, made all its efforts, focused on poverty alleviation through industry, highlighted development through financial aid, and enhanced infrastructure building. A series of poverty alleviation actions regarding industry, finance, Party building, health, education, employment, safe access to water, rebuilding of dilapidated houses, road hardening, guarantee of people's livelihood and other poverty alleviation actions have been taken to compose a hymn of fight against poverty for people in Shaoyang.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, 'Shaking off poverty is not an ending point but a starting point for new life and new struggle.' In the decisive victory against poverty, China Orient helped Shaoyang County achieve the goal of poverty alleviation in February 2020. And local villagers have become increasingly richer. In the next step, China Orient will conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements made by the CPC Central Committee, follow the work requirements proposed by the Leading Office for the Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Financial Institutions and the Party Committee of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, continue to help Shaoyang develop the effective linkage between complete poverty alleviation and rural vitalization, implement tough tasks with hard measures, solve new problems with new measures, thus forming an offensive situation. It will continue to make efforts and accurately implement policies, promote industries, talents, cultures, ecology and organizations towards full revitalization in multiple directions, with multiple measures and through multiple channels, and help people of Shaoyang work hard and write a new chapter for a beautiful life in the new era.

Source: www.zgbxb.com

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