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COAMC Group Members
The Delegation Led by China Orient Party Committee and Chairman Wu Yue Visited Shaoyang County to Inspect the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Work

On September 17, the delegation led by Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman, Liang Qiang, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President, and Ding Jianping, Assistant President and Secretary of the Board, visited Shaoyang County to inspect Targeted Poverty Alleviation work. They visited the Shaoyang Orient Special Education School aided, attended the Symposium of Targeted Poverty Alleviation alongside with the Shaoyang County Party Committee and the People's Government of Shaoyang County, and inspected the designated villages assisted.

The delegation led by Wu first arrived at Shaoyang Orient Special Education School, aided by China Orient, unveiled the school and inspected campus building, school management, students' study in class, accommodation, etc. Then, Wu, together with his delegation, attended the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Symposium alongside with the Party Committee of Shaoyang County and the People's Government of Shaoyang County, witnessed the signing of the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Framework Agreement 2020. The delegation listened to the briefing on the progress of the poverty alleviation work by Shaoyang County and the implementation of the poverty alleviation project by China Orient, and exchanged views with the Party Committee of Shaoyang County and the People's Government of Shaoyang County. Secretary Wu expressed his congratulations on the results of the county's poverty alleviation and its being lifted out of poverty. Wu indicated that the Party Committee of China Orient has always regarded the pairing assistance to Shaoyang County in poverty alleviation as an important political task and put it in a prominent position of the Company's reform and development. China Orient has continued to increase investments and innovated assistance measures, with total assistance funds of 50 million yuan, and made great efforts to support the county in winning a decisive victory against poverty.

Standing at the new starting point, China Orient will, just as usual, support Shaoyang in strengthening its poverty alleviation results, help the county implement the rural vitalization strategy, and enhance cooperation in assistance project implementation, establishment of the poverty monitoring and poverty returning prevention mechanism.

The delegation also visited Wuhuang Village in Hebo Township, Shaoyang County. They conveyed greetings to the people in financial difficulty, visited the planting base of mushroom edible fungus aided by China orient, and participated in the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Symposium of China Orient in Wuhuang Village. Wu listened to the opinions and suggestions on village poverty alleviation by China Orient from the village work team, and cadres and the public of Hebo Township, Wuhuang Village and Shuangxing Village. Then, he said that China Orient will continue to increase its support on the designated villages supported and continuously strengthen the poverty alleviation result. 

Zeng Tao, Director of China Orient Party Committee Office and General Manager of the Office, Yang Dong, Head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee and the General Manager of the Human Resources Department, and Su Ning, Party Committee Secretary and General Manager of China Orient Hunan Branch and others accompanied Wu in the inspections. 

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