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COAMC Group Members
China Orient President Deng Zhiyi Holds a Meeting with Hubei Province Vice Governor, Cao Guangjing

On August 24, China Orient President Deng Zhiyi held a meeting with the delegation led by Hubei Province Vice Governor Cao Guangjing at the headquarters of China Orient. Cao first expressed his thanks to China Orient for the long-term care and support for economic and social development of Hubei Province. In particular, since the outbreak of COVID-19, China Orient has vigorously supported Hubei enterprises in work resumption while actively donating money and goods. It has fulfilled its social responsibility with its practice and demonstrated the responsibility as a financial enterprise under the Central Government. The governor hoped that China Orient will, just as usual, care for and support the economic development of Hubei, further increase investments in its business of Wuhan, and provide high-quality financial services for post-epidemic economic revival. Deng indicated that China Orient will, according to the policy arrangements made by the central government, give full play to its business advantages as a financial asset management company, strengthen financial service, increase its support in defusing the financial risks of post-epidemic regions, restructuring State-owned enterprises and building major projects that aim to improve weak links and functions, and contribute its efforts to the economic and social development of Hubei.

Zeng Tao, General Manager of the Office of China Orient, Ning Jing, General Manager of the Integrated Plan and Organization Management Department, and Yang Zheng, General Manager of the Collaboration and Customer Management Department of the Group accompanied the president in meeting with the delegation.

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